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GreenWich Legal

Greenwich Legal is experienced in assisting both individuals and businesses in achieving the very best outcomes after the employment relationship has ended.

Whilst for employees, often the ideal outcome is reinstatement to their previous position following their dismissal, often this is not always possible.

Greenwich Legal will assist employees to get the very best outcome possible. Possible remedies may include reinstatement, a financial payout or converting a termination into a resignation, amongst other things.

For employers, once a decision is made to end the relationship, you do not want to be necessarily held up in legal proceedings, taking you away from what you do best – making money in your industry.

Greenwich Legal will assist you through the legal quagmire, providing effective and skilled representation to ensure that you as a company can move on quickly and efficiently from any implications arising from a termination of employment.

The Fair Work Commission is Australia’s industrial relations / employment law umpire.

We will assist you through the Commission’s processes to get you the very best outcome, no matter whhich side of the fence you are on. This we guarantee.